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The trainer training in the Netherlands lacks a social-emotional component. As a result, there is a greater chance that young footballers will sink mentally deep after being rejected by a professional club.This is the conclusion of a study by behavioral scientist Marjorie Esajas, who interviewed more than fifty talents derived from the programs. After rejection they feel useless, see little perspective, sometimes fall into unhealthy behavior or get into a fight with their family. Some even spoke about the thought of suicide. Some show behavior of dropouts.

The answers in the extensive questionnaires are often shocking, from boys who sometimes spent ten years or more in training. The children or young adults are mainly dissatisfied with the attention of youth coaches for the person behind the footballer and with the missing aftercare if they have been rejected.Answers like: “I never really received personal support.” Or: “If they had taken the time for me, I could have developed better.” And: “Make sure you keep a trainer a friend, because he can make you or break. "Another question was whether there is a lot of attention for the person behind the football player:" No, not at all. It's all about football, "was one answer, with many variations. "Nobody cared about you as a person."Support from familyOf the more than fifty dismissed interviewed talents, 39 said they received the most support from family after their forced departure.

Only one respondent mentioned the club. According to 33 youngsters, there is actually no interest in the person behind the footballer, against nineteen who think so.While the situation is alarming according to Esajas. "The trainer training is not well put together pedagogically .. It is totally dependent on who is at a club and what knowledge he brings. What do those trainers know at the development stages of a child's club? How do you deal with adolescents? "DisciplineRetired talents are not only negative about the training for footballer. They speak of a beautiful experience. They have learned about discipline, perseverance, respect, nutrition and so on. Embarrassment has been shaken. And it is striking that almost everyone would go to a professional club again, should they get the chance.


Arjen Robben made his PSV debut ten years ago under Guus Hiddink. The offside player was taken over from FC Groningen in 2001, but was allowed to continue playing at that club for another year before moving to Eindhoven. After two complete seasons in the city of lights, Robben was sold on to Chelsea. Hiddink sees that the wing attacker has grown considerably in the meantime.The purified coach looked at Real Madrid-Bayern Munich midweek and enjoyed Robben. “If I compare him now to then, then he reacts a lot less wrong. In Madrid I saw Arjen take the team by the hand. Both during his actions in the front and during the co-defense.

With Arjen Robben in shape, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar who is sharper than ever and Robin van Persie as the best football player in the Premier League, I am increasingly looking forward to the European Championships. ”“Precisely because all three do not only peak individually, but also towards the team. Certainly as far as Robben is concerned. So that promises something ”, Hiddink says in his column in De Telegraaf. “You could clearly see how he told his fellow players not to panic and, above all, to keep playing football. Arjen even did that to Franck Ribéry, who fought with him a week earlier in the dressing room. By the way, I am never so worried about that. Because it is top sport. In top sport, everything happens in the dressing room. Certainly in a good dressing room. I cannot rule out that Bayern has an excellent dressing room. ”

What's football

Players and LineupsAs already mentioned, a team consists of 11 players. There is one goalkeeper and there are 10 field players. These can again be divided into attackers, midfielders and defenders. They are spreading across the field.Different configurations are possible. These are chosen by the coach. Another word for "arrangement" is "formation" or "game system".Each team still has a number of substitute players, the coach decides when to change.

This will often be an injury. A player cannot continue to play, even if a player is tired or playing poorly, a change is made. You can change 3 times in a match.Clothing at VoetbalFootball players need to be able to move nicely and well in their clothing. That is why they wear a football shirt and soccer pants, these are often extra wide. Everyone in a team wears the same clothing, only the keeper has a different color. Then other players can see who the keeper is.All members of each club have the same color shirt, soccer pants and knee socks, and mandatory shin guards below. Most associations have a sponsor, they pay the association money and in return the players will wear the sponsor's logo on their shirt. At a football match, footballers wear soccer shoes with studs underneath so that you cannot slip.Referees and border judgesThese are the people who control the game. The offenses are penalized by the referee. A yellow card means: a warning. If you get 2 yellow cards, you immediately get the red card. Red means: leave the field. You can also immediately get a red card by committing a very serious offense.

No substitute player may substitute for that player who gets red.The linesman is a kind of assistant referee. He points with the flag to the side where the ball should go. If player A plays the ball over the sidelines, the linesman points to the side of the team A. That means that team B gets the throw-in. He also reports other violations for the referee, because the referee cannot see everything. There are 2 linesmen, because there are also 2 sidelines.The ballA football must be leather. The circumference must be at least 68 centimeters, but no more than 71 centimeters. The weight is 40 grams to 450 grams. Often the balls are white, but when it snows an orange ball is often used. The ball is made of leather or imitation leather. If you have a competition ball there is a layer of plastic on it. This ensures that no water can get into the ball. Otherwise the ball could become too heavy.

FreeStyle voetbal

Freestyle Kampioenschappen
Tijdens nationale en internationale kampioenschappen wordt door jury’s vooral gekeken naar behendigheid, creativiteit, moeilijkheidsgraad, choreografie, show en amusement, maar ook of de Freestyler het hele lichaam inzet om zijn show te geven. Je kunt veel van jezelf toevoegen, bijvoorbeeld door met nieuwe trucs te showen. Uiteraard is het ook de bedoeling dat je de gave Freestyle voetbaltrucks van anderen leert uitvoeren.

Freestyle voetbal, voor wie?
Freestyle voetbal kan door iedereen, die goed is met de bal, gespeeld worden, maar je ziet vooral veel ex-veldvoetballers maar ook veldvoetballers Freestylen. Bij Freestyle voetbal gaat het in eerste instantie om het vermaak en om de behendigheid. Om de trucks van het Freestyle voetbal onder de knie te krijgen moet er echter heel veel geoefend worden. Een speler die het Freestylen goed beheerst, kan een wedstrijd echter enorm beïnvloeden. Bovendien geeft het enorm veel show aan het voetbal.

Freestyle voetbal, welke bal is het beste?
Freestyle ballen die op het internet blijkbaar goed uit de bus komen bij Freestylers, zijn: Monta, Nike en Adidas. Met name Monta schijnt goed te bevallen. Andere bronnen stellen dat het niet uitmaakt welke voetbal je gebruikt, als je maar een size 5 voetbal neemt. Behalve als je nog klein bent, neem dan een size 4.

Freestyle voetbal moves
Er zijn al vele moves en er komen ook steeds meer moves bij. Heel bekende moves zijn:

The Crossover: bal wordt van de ene voet naar de andere overgetikt, terwijl de voeten elkaar even kruisen
Around the world: een voet gaat rondom de bal en vangt de bal weer op
Hop the world: Lijkt op ‘around the world’ maar bal wordt van de ene voet naar de andere gespeeld

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